Sportal365 is built for

Sports Media Publishers

Make sports data an integral part of your editorial coverage through contextual inclusion. Seamlessly integrate betting odds and ads into any editorial piece. Sportal365 offers you the tools to bring your editorial coverage to life.

Betting companies

Breakdown the walls between the betting pages and your editorial coverage. Convert better by organically combining your editorial work with contextually relevant betting odds. All the tools to make your editorial coverage work harder for you!

Sports Rights Holders

Take away the headache of maintaining your own solution with an out of the box tool that offers you all the features you will need to cover your events. Seamlessly integrate data from your events into your editorial coverage. Tools to easily integrate your sponsors’ ad inventory.


Developed by our team with over 12 years of experience in sports publishing. Trusted by leading brands worldwide.

Digital Sports Publisher
  • Nо. 1 digital sports media in Bulgaria
  • 2.8 million unique visitors per month
  • 79 million page views per month
  • 38% of users return over 8 times per day
  • 73 journalists and video crew in the editorial team

Digital Sports Publisher
  • Nо.1 digital & print sports media in Romania
  • 3.5 million unique visitors per month
  • 85 million page views per month
  • 40% of users return over 8 times per day
  • 56 journalists and video crew in the editorial team

Digital & print sports media
  • Nо.1 digital & print sports media in Romania
  • 3.5 million unique visitors per month
  • 85 million page views per month
  • 40% of users return over 8 times per day
  • 56 journalists and video crew in the editorial team


Everything you would expect from a score app
  • One of the leading livescore applications
  • 550 000 unique visitors per month
  • 10 million downloads

About Sportal365

Sports fans are some of the most demanding and passionate consumers. Their passion for the team and athletes they support translates into expectations of extensive coverage at speed delivered on any device of their choice.

Why sports specific CMS?

Sports coverage has a specific need to integrate sports data with editorial content. No other CMS caters to this specific need. As a result most sport coverage has sports data and editorial content in separate parts of the page. Sportal365 breaks those boundaries and finally gives editors the freedom to integrate formatted sports data in their editorial content. We have also integrated betting odds in the same way.

Why headless?

First it was mobile phones, then watch interfaces, now it is Voice assisted interfaces. As new device categories and content delivery formats emerge, sports publishers find it hard to keep pace. Sportal365 gives you full flexibility to connect with consumers on any devices and to take full control of our brand identity and product layouts.

Why use third-party CMS?

Huge IT development cost savings – in the race to achieve the best user experience the IT costs for every leading sports media increase every year. With our model, we give you the ability to completely control the IT costs by working on a flat fee monthly license fee.


CMS Integrated With Sports Data

A fully functional publishing CMS integrated with sports data from API service connecting top industry data providers. Integrated with pre-game and LIVE odds from over 200 bookmakers.

Custom Sports Data Widgets

Prebuilt widgets for odds, match, standings, leagues, player or team profiles. Apply custom branding, place them within the editorial content and control the data they display.

Video Streaming/Editing System

Fully integrated within the CMS Live-stream/Video recording/Editing system for the editors. Follow and record large number of simultaneous sports LIVE, edit and publish the recordings within the same CMS interface.

Social Media Tracker

Build-in tracker with social media feeds of relevant players/teams the editor is reporting on. Advanced capabilities to integrate social media content within the editorial one.

Design Library

Several ready to deploy out of the box themes. Easy and flexible branding of layout elements or whole pages. Full control over the distribution of content blocks on any page.

Content Performance Analytics

Integrated performance tracking of the content. Measure content by authors, posts and topics, so you know better what drives most traffic and engagement.

Advertising And Content Monetization Tools

Google Analytics & Google Ad Manager integration with out of the box prebuilt custom dimensions & targeting by segments. Pre-built reports in Google Data Studio. Performance management of unsold impressions

Betting Monetization Tools

Pre-built widgets with live betting odd which gives our clients the ability to monetize much better from affiliation with betting companies.

Merchandising options

Pre-built integration with leading e-commerce platforms which allows per topic merchandizing options. Integration with the leading payment processors.


State-of-the-art technology stack

Sortal365 is built on a stable state-of-the-art technology stack. We have selected proven technologies that are robust, secure and reliable. Architected from the start to be on the cloud, this CMS is built for scale. Positioned for widest possible adoption, we have focused our efforts on easy integration with any technology and have ensured that we are agnostic towards any customer environment.



Standards compliant stateless REST API gives you control over your content

High performance

Highly optimised API served from the cloud easy to configure with any CDN provider for speed and responsiveness

Microservice architecture compliant

Fully decoupled API is compliant with Microservices principles and ensures fault tolerance in your overall system

Tech stack agnostic

Sportal365 works with any technology stack. No lock-ins or dependencies, freeing you to use our CMS with your preferred technologies.

Enterprise security

With a wide range of security features, including roles, data encryption, flexible ACL and a powerful authentication system, we provide you reliable security for your content and CMS instance.

Scalable, multi-environment deployment

Sportal365 is hosted on the Cloud making it scalable according to your needs. You can create instances across different environments, so your teams can work on development, pre-production and production environments.


Mil. page views monthly


Editorial staff


Mil. unique users monthly

Bring Your Data Provider

We integrate with the data provider of your choice. Just enter our API and your data will be there. You want to change your provider? No problem! You will always consume our API, which makes changing providers hassle-free.

Licensing Plans


  • $0/mo
    • Full content authoring features
    • Data provider connectors
    • Search & Real time data indexing
    • Cloud hosting
    • Security
    • Platform upgrades


  • $0/mo
    • Google Analytics
    • DFP connector
    • Social media integration
    • Betting affiliation
    • Pay per view integration
    • Payments integration
    • Readymade FE templates
    • E-commerce

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