Bet365 Case Study

How BET365 powered their news platform with the Sportal365 CMS

Bet365, one of the world's biggest bookmakers, chose Sportal365 to deliver sports engaging content to more than 30+ markets in more than 10 languages.




5000 +


63 Million


As one of the world’s favorite online sports betting companies, bet365 has a dominant presence in 25+ countries, with more than 60 million website visitors every month. When it engaged with us, the company was on a mission to scale its operations and needed a solution that can help them service regions with different languages from a single place.  


As a company with a large market reach, bet365 needs to service different regions with content in different languages. That’s why it needed a universal content management solution that can support multiple projects with each project being able to support multiple languages.

  • Projects couldn’t support more than one language
  • Articles couldn’t be duplicated and translated into another language
  • Articles couldn’t be easily accessed through the Content API

As part of our solution, we offered bet365 a single source of truth for their content and publishing efforts. The CMS’s support for different projects met the need of the betting provider to create multiple projects from one platform, but users still couldn’t create content in different languages for each project.

That’s why, to solve bet365’s issues, we worked in two directions:

  • Add multi language support to the CMS’ Content API
  • Improve the functionality and UI to facilitate the creation of articles in different languages

By improving the content management system’s Content API, we added the possibility for articles to have one main language, as well as a secondary one. Moreover, we made sure article searches could be filtered by language, and that responses for accessing articles via ID contain all relevant article information (even if an article is in more than one language).

As part of our solution, we also added a visual indication to the articles’dashboard that showes if an artcile has been translated in more than one language. Also, we enabled editors to easily duplicate articles and translate them in a language they want.

  1. Ability to create content in main and secondary language
  2. Ability to filter content by a specific language
  3. Improved article response structures to contain info for different languages

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