A new way to attract customers and keep them engaged

With Sportal365’s white label options and headless architecture you can create and launch a media platform with a custom front end that can serve you as an additional channel to engage your customers.


Increase conversions with direct bet-slip generation on your content pages

With Sportal365, you allow users by consuming your editorial content to generate bet-slips directly on your web pages. This serves well both users and bookmakers because it creates a more centralized user experience, while increasing conversions.


Boost your presence online with SEO-rich content that search engines like

Sportal365 puts at your fingertips all the capabilities of a leading media publisher, letting you quickly create sports-specific content that is easily optimised for indexing by search engines.


Let your affiliate partners use your widgets into their content

Give your partners access to the widget section of the CMS, so they can choose and configure a large number of statistical and betting odds and embed them their content.

Next generation editorial coverage

Sportal365 is the sports content management system that creates opportunities

Monetize your traffic

Lower your IT and operational costs

Create additional advertising space

Create enhanced sports content

Add live sports data widgets

Have access to third-party sports services

Publish articles at speed

Add football connections

Get monthly feature updates

How does it work?

Integrating and starting to use Sportal365 is effortless from start to finish


The first step is a demo organize by us to familiarize you with the CMS.


After the demo, we’ll discuss your project requirement in more details.


Once we are aligned with your requirements, we continue with a commercial agreement.


We’ll organize multiple live meetings and give you all the documentation for a smooth onboarding.

Staff Training

We will train your tech and editorial teams to make the most of the CMS’s capabilities.

Launch and Support

After completing all set up and training steps, we’ll set a date to launch your project and make it live. Оur dedicated support team will be available for all of your requests

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