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Benefits for everyone

Sportal365 lets editors and developers manage complete content workflows.

From planning to execution in a secure and cloud-based platform.


Scalable & Secure

Sportal365 can take on projects of any size while keeping your data safe and available at all times.


All your content is structured to fit any channel or viewing device. This lets you create it once and reuse it whenever and wherever it’s needed.


Sportal365 offers high availability so you’ll never worry about performance issues or system downtime.

Development & IT

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API Based System

Developers can easily access data from our system via our APIs. We support content data, sports data, image data, and image manipulation via our Services.

Webhook Integration

Client systems receive an instant update of changes made in the various types of content such as, articles, videos, galleries, images, and more.

Separate Infrastructure

Sportal365 is set up in a multi-tenant system with a single server for multiple clients, however we can offer a separate infrastructure if if you want to.

More Development & IT Features

Sports API’s

We follow a granular approach, and deliver data to you for each new sport we introduce via a separate API.

Sports data access

With the implementation of each new sports API, we let developers extract specific information about teams, matches, players, tournaments, etc.

Content API data access

Using our Content API, you can easily access specific data such as articles tagged with teams, matches, tournaments, and others.

Image storage

Our Image API and Google Cloud Storage lets you easily upload and retrieve images when you need to.

Image manipulation

Images can easily be cropped, resized and many more through using our Image API and all of this can be done on demand (during image request).

Cloudflare CDN for images

We provide a Cloudflare proxy for our images, which increase the speed of image delivery. All of this comes out of the box.

Content Management

Live Blog

Enhance your live coverage experience by providing real-time updates through our advanced Live Blog feature. Perfect for sports events like football matches and breaking news.

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Sports Connections

Sports connections are statistical tags that let you organize and optimize your sports content by grouping your posts under different categories.


Auto Tagging

Enjoy fast and automatic tagging of your content with names of players, teams, stadiums, coaches etc. and send readers to organised and relevant for them pages.

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Sports Data Widgets

Create unmatched sports content, as well as additional advertising inventory for media publishers and bookmakers, by using in your editorials pre-built sports data widgets.

Multi-lingual Content

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Custom Blocks​

Allow users to have their custom functionality inside the content body and  in our content management system.This way we pave the way to one of our main goals, making the CMS plugin based.

More Content Features


Journalists and editors can easily create and publish content-rich, sports-specific articles that integrate editorial, sports data and social media content into one.


Galleries makes easier the life of media by offering a multifeatured location to upload images in bulk and distributed them in the right format to the right audience.

Videos & JW player

Create videos with a few clicks and deliver content that appeals to sports fans across the world. Moreover, we offer an easy way to link our videos with your storage.


Arrange and group content in lists, and display in the sections on your website where you know it will reach your readers faster.


Uploading multiple images at once to the Sportal365 content management system is easy and in line with your user habits.

Image watermarking

Watermark with your company logo pictures taken at events or created by your digital teams.

Third-party integrations

Create rich content faster with integrated content providers such as Dugout and Youtube Sports for video, Imago for images, GB Vision for live commentaries, OneSignal for push notifications and many more. 

Copying content between projects

User with more than one project can easily copy articles and move them from one place to another.

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