Gsp Case Study

Romania’s GSP creates multi-featured website with Sportal365 CMS

GSP, Romania's leading media publisher, uses the Sportal365 content mangement system to power its new websites and deliver interactive content tools and features to its multi-million audience.



Page Views

85 million per month


3.5 million per month


GSP Romania wanted to exapnd its digital and web presence by engaging its audience with more interactive and informative content. GSP needed a CMS with video storage capabilities, as well as a functionality allowing videos to be embedded in different types of content.


GSP’s main issues came from the lack of a CMS with enahnced video features. The company had an established video team, but the CMS they were using at the time didn’t have video storage capabilities, which stopped them from creating video sub-sections on their websites.

  • Inability to create and embed videos in articles
  • Editors unable to access and work with the video storage system without leaving the CMS

Sportal365 CMS offered a direct solution to GSP’s woes by integrating with the online video platform By developing a widget, editors and content creators were granted access to’s video database without leaving the CMS, and could integrate sports videos directly into their content. What is more, GSP users could search for specific videos and preview them before embedding them into articles.

  • Integration with video platform
  • video database available directly in CMS
  • Embedding of videos inside articles
  1. Editors can access the system directly through the CMS and upload videos
  2. Editors can create an blocks inside of articles
  3. Searching for specific videos
  4. Playing the video before adding it to the article
  5. Copying embed code of specific videoss

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