Livescore Case Study

Livescore increases engagement for their 25m monthly unique visitors with Sportal365

Livescore, one of the world's leading real-time sports update and streaming service providers, boosted their engagement and website and apps interactivity using the Sportal365 CMS



Active Territories


Page Views

7 Billion/month


Livescore wanted to improve their content creation process in a way that it allowed teams to produce content combining editorial, sports data and social media. Also, it needed a way to accommodate the large traffic from its websites and apps and to allow multiple instances to run simultaneously.


Before starting to use the Sportal365 CMS, Livescore faced two major issues:

  • It needed to create richer and more interactive content
  • It had to improve its infrastructure to handle the large website and apps traffic

One of Livescore’s big pains was the lack of a system that enabled its teams to update their content creation abilities and produce content that went beyond editorial i.e. it also included formatted sports data, social media feeds and so on.

Another obstacle was the company’s infrastructure and its inability to absorb the large traffic coming from its websites and apps. As a multi-tenant infrastructure, Sportal365 is designed so that multiple instances operate in a shared environment, and this can create problems for other clients using the same server.


The solution Sportal365 offered was two-fold.

On one side, the CMS tremendously improved Livescore’s content creation capabilities and raised audience engagement by enabling journalists and editors to produce sports content that integrated editorial, sports data and social media into a single piece of content.

Additionally, to alleviate traffic-related issues, a separate infrastructure was created solely for Livescore to use. The service deployment was synchronised so that when a new version of a service is introduced, it is deployed in parallel with the main infrastructure. Moreover, the infrastructure was updated to support customizations that comply with client requirements.

  • Increased audience engagement thanks to improvement of content creation capabilities
  • Infrastructure update to support website and apps traffic and deployment of all services

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