New features released every month

We have an ambitious roadmap, which includes constant work on new features and improvements. Our goal is to release and better parts of the system every month, so that you can have a pleasant and productive experience with Sportal365.

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Here are some of the features and improvement we’are working on


Custom Blocks 100%
Additional Image Attributes 100%
Tournament Group Selection 100%
Structure Types in Embed Block 100%
Additional Heading Attributes 100%
Multi-lingual Content 100%
Image Watermarking 100%
Copy Content Between Projects 100%


Basketball API 85%
Tags Improvements 100%
Audit Log 100%
Content API Improvements 100%


Tennis API
Basketball Integration in CMS
Horse racing API
Football Manual Data Entry
Multi Client Editing
Odds Services
Audit Log V2 & Rollback


Horse Racing Integration in CMS
Tennis Integration in CMS
Sportradar Integration
Polls V2
UX Customisation

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Features overview

Custom Block

Custom blocks allow users to create applications and embed them inside the body of various content types such as articles and videos.

Multi-lingual content

Sportal365’s translation capabilities make effortless creating content in selected languages that talk to your different audiences.

Tags Improvements

We are currently working on new tag features that include tag lists, better tag searches, and optimized tag creation/re-ordering.

Audit Log

Depending on the role a user has assigned, they can monitor who and when has made changes to a piece of content.

Tennis and Horse Racing API

The release of our Tennis and Horse Racing API will give you access to many statistics and widgets from the tennis and horse racing worlds.

Football manual data entry

Import and add manually sports-related data to the CMS — players, teams, club logos, etc. – and translate it in your preferred language.

Multi Client Editing

The ability more than one author to work on the same article and stay up-to-date with each other’s changes.

Audit Log V2 & Rollback

An update to the latest release of the audit log feature and an introduction of a new functionality allowing users to revert changes they have made to their content.


More than 50 key features released last year

We are working on it.

We are currently working on adding a few more sections to our brand new website.

Soon will be released the Video Gallery, Developer’s Documentation and User Guideline.

In the meantime, if you have any technical queries please contact our support team at  [email protected] or you can join our newsletter to get all the latest news and updates.

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