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We have an ambitious roadmap, which includes constant work on new features and improvements. Our goal is to release and better parts of the system every month, so that you can have a pleasant and productive experience with Sportal365.

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At Sportal365, we’ve structured our development process into manageable Product Increments, with each increment spanning a 10-week duration.
Our team is currently working on a few exciting new features that are part of our ongoing Product Increment.
Stay tuned for updates on our progress and the latest additions to our platform!

13th March - 19th May 2023
Tennis Integration in CMS
Allows editors to tag and connect tennis sports data with content. Developers can create different statistical pages to display the sports data.
Tennis Widgets

Livescore and Single Event Widgets available as blocks in our CMS, so that editors can enhance the articles with tennis stats data. 

Sports SDKs

Developers can easily use our sports data and develop widgets internally. 

Wiki Pages

Wiki pages are a great tool to create content for a special event and let creators collaborate.

One Signal Integration v.2
Mobile and web push notifications to keep users up-to-date with the latest content. 
Football Widgets (V.2)

Redesign of our current football widgets with new functionalities and features. 

Odds Integration
CMS Improvements
  1. Sidebar
  2. Auto-tagging 
  3. Tags component
  4. Clipboard behaviour
  5. General tab
  6. Media tab
  7. Related content
  8. SEO tab
  9. URLs tab
  10. List tab
  11. Custom data tab
Enetpulse API Proxy

Allows editors to tag and connect their content with any sport that Enetpuse provide. Developers can create different stats pages and widgets. 

Tennis Widgets

Ranking and Playoff Tennis widgets will be available inside the CMS.


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