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Keep your fans engaged with content that speaks to them

Sportal365 is a unique solution created to cover that dynamic sports world at speed. It puts at your fingertips the ability to engage more sports on any device, with content that matches their consumption preferences.

Raise your brand awareness

Sportal365 will strengthen your brand presence online and appeal to a larger pool of sports fans.

Create rich sports content

Lower your IT and operational costs

Create additional advertising space

Publish articles at speed

Add live sports data widgets

Get monthly feature updates

Contextual live sports data & editorial content from a single interface

Sportal365 offers 20+ custom sports data widgets that let you create content rich in sports data, as well as broadcast matches and events live on your website(s).

Dynamic standing during games

Sportal365 lets you follow in real-time how the standing of a team changes. Additionally, you can specifiy whether you want to display infomration about the team’s standing in a specific tournament, season and stage.

Live match stats updates

Add live match statistical data to the body of your content, as well as odds information, for a specific match. Moreover, as the game begins and progresses, and your data provider adds more information, we instantly make this information available in the widget.

Team & Player comparisons

Compare the stats sheets of two teams or players in a specific league/tournaments and access detailed information about their performance, as well as enjoy the possibility to display betting odds for a specific match.

How does it work?

Integrating and starting to use Sportal365 is effortless from start to finish


The first step is a demo organize by us to familiarize you with the CMS.


After the demo, we’ll discuss your project requirement in more details.


Once we are aligned with your requirements, we continue with a commercial agreement.


We’ll organize multiple live meetings and give you all the documentation for a smooth onboarding.

Staff Training

We will train your tech and editorial teams to make the most of the CMS’s capabilities.

Launch and Support

After completing all set up and training steps, we’ll set a date to launch your project and make it live. Оur dedicated support team will be available for all of your requests

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