Technical Overview

Cloud-native CMS for faster scale and greater agility

Sportal365 functions on the cloud and can be modified and adapted as per the requirements of the business,

allowing easy integration with any technology and customer environment.


Built to last with a state-of-the art technology stack

technical stack

Sportal365 integrates with any existing client setup

Sportal365 integrates into any customer system through a sync service that sends information to the client infrastructure.

Direct connection of your website to our API


Developer friendly


Standards compliant stateless REST API gives you control over your content.

High Performance

Highly-optimised and cloud-native API easily configured with any CDN provider for greater speed and responsiveness.

Microservice architecture

Fully-decoupled API compliant with microservices principles for fault tolerance in your overall system.

Tech stack agnostic

Sportal365 works with any technology stack without lock-ins or dependancies, freeing you to use your preferred technologies.

Enterprise security

Wide range of security features, including roles, data encryption, flexible ACL and a powerful authentication system.

Multi-environment deployment

Instances across different environments, so your teams can work on development, pre-production and production environments.

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