We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.13.0

We love improving your experience with the Sportal365 CMS and in version 3.13.0, we introduce new features and update several components of the platform that make the content creation process faster, richer, and more intuitive.

Here’s what’s new:

New Features
  • Team form widget
  • Football widgets preview
  • Polls block
  • Improved Tags functionality
  • Category organization
  • Improved List updating
  • Widget improvements

Football Widget Preview

Release 3.13.0. introduces a functionality allowing you to preview Football widget blocks before adding them to Articles, Videos, or Galleries.

The preview offers a look at how the widget will display inside your post (and on your website), as well as gives a short summary of what the widget does. This helps you quickly decide whether it is the right widget to use or not.

Team Form Widget

The Team form widget is a football widget that allows you to show in your post how a team performs after a specific number of matches.

The Team form widget analyzes a team’s performance during the last 15 matches, adds the points the team gains for each Win (3pts.) / Loss (0pts.) / Draw (1pts.), and then divides them by the total number of points (12pt.) to display how the team is doing i.e. Bad / Good / Very good / Excellent.

Polls Block

With this latest update of the Sportal365 CMS, you can add Polls inside your posts (articles, videos, and galleries) to gauge the opinion of your audience. Polls can be added as a new block directly from the body of your post.

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