We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.14.0

The highlight of release 3.14.0 of the Sportal365 CMS is the rollout of three new football widgets that put on your fingertips–and into your posts–detailed statistics about player careers, squads, and most decorated players.

We are also happy to announce the integration with the Onnetwork.tv video platform, which will increase your access to video content that you can embed in your posts.

What’s new?

  • Squad statistics widget
  • Player career widget
  • Most decorated players widget
  • Onnetwork.tv integration

Squad Statistics Widget

The Squad statistics widget lets you show various team statistics during a specific season. Moreover, the widget allows you to show–and break into details– the information about each player position on the team. This is a great tool if you want to create more context about teams in your posts.

Player Career Widget

The Player career football widget collects information from regional, national, and international tournaments to create detailed profiles of a player’s career.

The widget breaks down player information in tournaments, seasons, teams, and can segments player stats into Minutes, Matches played, Yellow/red cards, Assists, Team, Championship, and so on.

The Player career widget is an excellent tool that lets you create player profile pages.

Most decorated players widget

The Most decorated players football widget lets you display information about the most decorated players from a selected tournament and season.   

You can highlight decorated players and change the size of your list, as well as show contextual information about First yellow cards, Yellow cards, Red cards, and a Total number of cards.

Onnetwork.tv Integration

The integration with the Onnetwork.tv video platform makes it possible to find and add football (and other) videos to your posts without leaving your editing screen.

After you configure Onnetwork.tv, you can add videos as supporting content or as main media to your post.

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