We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.18.0

We’re very excited to announce the latest update of Sportal365, because it introduces integrations with two of the biggest content and data providers on the market– YouTube and InStat.

Release 3.18.0. lets you tap into YouTube’s sports section and integrate any type of sports videos directly into your posts. Also, the integration with InStat allows you to explore more than 200 team statistics and make an exhaustive comparison between two teams.

What’s new?

  • YouTube sports integration
  • InStat: Team comparison integration

Youtube Sports

If you’ve enjoyed integrating Dugout videos into your content, you’re going to love YouTube sports.

YouTube sports lets you search and add any video in YouTube’s sports category to your post without leaving your editing screen. It could be football, basketball, e-games, or any sports-related video.

We’ve added a YouTube sports block under the Content category for quick access and integration into your Article / Video / Gallery.

You can add YouTube sports videos as supporting content or as main media* of your post.

InStat Team Comparison

nStat: Team comparison is an important addition to the Sportal365 CMS, because it gives you access to unprecedented detailed team sports statistics. InStat: Team comparison compares and evaluates the performance of two teams based on more than 200 stats.

The InStat: Team comparison integration resembles the Team comparison widget, but while the latter is configured by us to display the comparison of specific team data inside your posts–Matches played, Wins, Draws, Defeats, Goals scored, Goals conceded–, you will have to configure InStat: Team comparison and decide which of the 200+ team stats to compare and display inside your posts.

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