We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.23.0

Holiday season is upon us and we’re excited to surprise you with several new features and improvements. We introduce new content analytics tools, improve the Match widget, related content and lists, as well as the way cropped images are handled in Blocky.

What’s new?

  • Content analytics
  • Image ratio display in Blocky
  • Interrupted matches and team color selection in Match widget
  • Lists and Related content improvements

Content analytics

Content analytics is a new feature that measures how many times a piece of content–Аrticle / Video / Gallery–created by a certain Sportal365 user has been viewed on your website. Also, Content analytics measures how many times an article belonging to a certain category has been viewed.

Note that Sportal365 recognizes two types of article contributors; users who create an article in the system and authors who write an article.

You can segment content analytics based on a predefined time range i.e. by Day / Week / Month.  

Image ration display in Blocky

Release 3.23.0. introduces a nifty improvement to cropped images.

Now, when you crop an image in Images or Galleries, and then go to Blocky and try to add your image to the body of your content – the image will be displayed inside Blocky with its new cropped ratio.

Article info display in related content sidebar

As you know, the related content you select–Articles, Videos, Galleries–and add to your news is directly connected to the football connections you use in the Tags tab.

With release 3.23.0., when you search Articles in the Related content section, the displayed results will show a date and time of publication for each found article.

Match widget improvement

We are happy to introduce two updates–Interrupted matches and team color selection–to the Match widget that will improve the quality of your content.

Lists improvements

By now, you know that when you write an article in Sportal365, it can have an author (the person who writes the articles) and a creator (the person that has created the article in the system).

That’s why the latest update of Lists displays the author and the creator of an article part of a certain list.

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