We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.29.0

Good news everyone,  

the latest version of Sportal365 is here, and it introduces updates to the systems back end and front end.

Release 3.29.0 focuses on the upgrade of the technical documentation of our Content API, the filtering of categories, and on improving your SEO efforts, image watermarking, as well as a few more useful improvements.

 What’s new?

  • Filtering categories by Slug
  • Watermarking of old images
  • Alt text and image captions
  • Display of larger lists in Tags
  • Improvement to auto-tagging in Blocky
  • Improvement to Headings

Filtering categories by slug

An URL slug is the part of the URL after the last backslash. The slug is a keyword that helps Google crawl bots understand how to get to your page and confirms the content on it.

With release 3.29.0, we replace category ID in URLs with category slug i.e. you can search categories by slug. This is a great improvement to your SEO efforts and user experience. Before you had to add a category ID to the URL of your website to search a specific category; things just looked messy and counter intuitive.

Now, you can type in a slug (e.g. football) and search an entire category.

Watermarking of old images

In a world dominated by images, it’s important for creators and companies to preserve authorship and exclusivity.

We recently unveiled watermarking to newly uploaded images, but now you can add watermarks to images already uploaded to Sportal365.

You can add watermarks to old images from: Images, Galleries, Articles and Videos.

Alt text and image caption

We continue to improve your SEO efforts and now you can add image alternative text (Alt text) and image captions to images in your content.

You can do so from Images, as well as from Articles, Galleries and Videos.

The logic of adding and preserving an Alt text and caption to an image is organized from the general to the specific. This means that when you upload (or edit) pictures to Images, the Alt text and captions you add will be reflected in the articles, videos and galleries you use those images in.

Improvement of auto-tagging

The improvement to auto-tagging is strictly cosmetic and of the user interface.

From now on, the auto-tagging suggestions in your articles, videos or galleries are now under the paragraph block and not on the right as before.

Display of large lists in Tags

This is a seemingly tiny improvement, but a great step towards better access to your tags.

With this latest release, we add a Load more button at the bottom of your tag’s library, which will display all tags you have created.

Improvements to Headings

The latest improvement to Headings lets creators add a Tabindex and an ID when they create an article, video or gallery. This will help you structure the content you create on your website, as well enable better navigation for your readers.

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