We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.30.0

With Spring at our doorstep, release 3.30.0 introduces new features that will strengthen your translation and SEO efforts. We also unveil an improvement that will help you transfer faster content from one project to another.

What’s new?

  • Multi-lingual article support
  • Article duplication in other projects
  • JASON-LD SEO optimization for content

Multi-lingual article support

The multi-lingual support for Articles is a feature that will help you create content for different markets faster. With it, you can translate one article into as many languages as your system is set up without leaving the platform.

Article duplication in other projects

The ability to copy articles from one of your projects to another lets you edit, write, and distribute content faster across different websites/platforms.

JASON-LD SEO optimization for content

JASON-LD is a new SEO addition to your Articles, Videos and Galleries that helps Google collect information from your website in a structured way, and offer your content as the most appropriate search query to users.

JASON -LD brings structure to your content and pages. With JASON-LD, search engines do not have to wonder what information from your content is important. Instead, search engines download your JASON-LD scheme and offer it as a results to users.

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