We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.33.0

Hello, everyone,

Yet another update of Sportal365 is live and it brings several benefits that will improve your work with tags, lists, as well as the way you create and edit content.

Also, version 3.33.0. introduces a new feature that lets you create custom applications, which you can integrate into the CMS. Part of the new features is the long-anticipated audit log functionality allowing several creators to work on the same content and see each other’s edits.

What’s new?

  • Lists separation: Editorial & Sports
  • Improvement to Tags search and reordering
  • Audit log
  • Custom blocks

Lists separation: Editorial & Sports

Let’s start with the improvement to the Lists functionality.

With version 3.33.0. of Sportal365 comes an update to the platform’s Lists functionality.

From now, you’ll be able to create two types of lists:

Editorial Lists

Lists based on Tags and Sports connections

Improvement to Tags search and reordering

Tags are an important tool in the arsenal of every content creator. Sportal365’s latest update introduces two improvements to tags that enhance your experience and bring order to your daily use of tags.

More Tags displayed in search

This is an update to the way you search tags in the tags section of the content properties available for optimization of Articles, Videos, and Galleries. Now, when you search for a tag to add to your content, you will be able to view and access more search results than before.

Optimized Tag rearrangement

We know, and you know, that trying to change the position of a tag (when you have too many) created problems in the past. The experience was slow at best.

That’s why we roll out an improvement to optimize the process. To be able the smoothly change the position of a tag in your tags dashboard, you first have to activate the drag/drop feature.

Audit Log

The introduction of Audit log allows several authors to work on a single piece of content without losing track of each other’s edits. Audit log enhances your editing efforts by giving a clear overview of a content’s edit history.

Custom Blocks

Custom blocks allow you to develop and add your features to the CMS.

Custom blocks let you create external custom applications, integrate them into the platform and add them as blocks to the body of your content.   

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