We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.4.0

We are happy to introduce the latest release of the sports-specific content management system Sportal365. In this version, 3.4.0., we fix bugs and introduce several new features–ready on API level–that will provide more analytical insights to users, make possible the enablement/disablement of system features, expand odds use and improve text editing. Read on for the full list of features.

Analytics dashboard
In version 3.4.0., we introduce on API level the ability to fetch content statistics for the main content types–articles, videos, galleries, images–,for a specific period.

Now, users can see how many articles (videos, galleries or images) they’ve created for a specific time range and pull detailed statistics segmented by day / week / month / year. What’s more, users can view statistics filtered by players, teams, matches, categories, tags, and authors.

For example, clients can see how many articles a specific author has written for Christiano Ronaldo in March 2019. Or see all articles under the ‘tennis’ category. Also, the analytics dashboard lets users compare different periods.

Build pages for team comparison

With this version, we added new endpoints to the Football API that will allow clients to build website pages dedicated to comparing two teams.

Completed on API level, this new feature lets clients put two teams head-to-head and display all related information about their performance, standing and so on.

Enable/disable features

Our clients operate in different markets and have specific needs. For that reason, we make it possible to enable/disable functionalities of the CMS to fit your niche.

Depending on the project, we can disable widgets, content properties, video, news feeds, and automated tagging.

Linking to players and teams from widgets

From now on, team logos & names inside all widgets are interactive and once you select one, you will be redirected to a page with all relevant information.

Default market for Odds widgets

Before, the Odds widget displayed a default market of 1X2. Now, clients can define the default market and change it to their preference: Double chance, Over/ Under and so on.

Оdds to Player H2H widget

This latest release of the CMS introduces odds to the Player H2H widget. To add odds, select Display odds in the system. The odds will display at the bottom of the player widget.

Alignment controls in Editor blocks

Release 3.4.0. expands the editing capabilities of Editor blocks and adds the alignment functionality, which will help journalists adjust their text to the left, right, center or justify it.

Avatar pictures for authors

Users of the CMS can now upload profile pictures, or avatars, whenever they create an author.

To do so, open the CMS, select Authors–> New author–>Upload avatar–> Save author.

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