We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.5.0

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version, 3.5.0., of the Sportal365 CMS. We introduce several new features that will improve the way users create and monitor the number of content they upload and publish.

What is new?

  • News tracker
  • Content statistics
  • Team comparison widget
  • Squad widget update
  • Football API betslip improvement

News Tracker

The News tracker is a new feature that allows journalists to create feeds and follow their preferred news outlets, video, and social media channels without leaving the Sportal365 CMS.

To create a news tracker feed, select a News tracker from the left sidebar and enter a title for your feed, say, Football. You can create as many feeds as you want and each feed can contain up to 50 sources.

Feeds consists of a list of sources (location) and a name. A source (or location) is any of the following:

  • RSS (XM) feed
  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter account
  • Instagram account

To add a source, enter a Location and then save it. When you do that, the system will check the validity of the source (URL) and if the source is valid, the name will be auto-filled; you can change the name later if you wish. In case the source is invalid–you will see an error message.

Once you add sources to your News tracker, your feed will appear as a sidebar on the right side of your screen.

Content Statistics

With release 3.5.0., we introduce a revamped dashboard that allows CMS users to view content statistics for individual contributors, all users, or for a specific Player, Team or Category.

The CMS tracks the number of content items that have been uploaded for the four main content types: Articles, Videos, Galleries, and Images.

My content today
Under My content today, creators can see all the articles, videos, galleries and images they have uploaded for a certain day or over a one-week interval.

All content today
In the All content today section, CMS users will be able to see the uploaded to their website videos, articles, galleries, and images by all users.

Player statistics
The Player statistics functionality of the dashboard lets you oversee how many articles, videos, galleries or images have been created for a specific player, for a specific time range.

Team statistics
The Team statistics functionality of the dashboard lets you track how many articles, videos, galleries or images have been created for a specific team, for a specific time range.

Category statistics
The Category statistics functionality of the dashboard lets you track how many articles, videos, galleries or images have been created under a specific category for a specific time range.

Team Comparison Widget

The Team comparison is a new widget that compares the performance of two teams for a particular tournament and season. Also, you can compare the performance of the same team but during different seasons.

Selecting statistics to display
The widget allows users to choose what statistics to display when comparing two teams, such as Matches played, Draws, Defeats, Goals scored, Goals conceded and more.

Adding odds data
Similarly to the Player H2H widget, the Team comparison widget lets you add odds at the bottom of your team comparison. To do that, you must select a team, a match, bookmakers and markets to display.

Squad Widget Update

With this release of the Sportal365 CMS, we update the Squad/team players widget and add the ability to display injured and suspended players.

When you select to display injured players, a yellow cross will appear next to the name of the player that is injured. Likewise, when you select to display suspended players, a red card will appear next to the player that is suspended.

Football API Improvements

We are happy to introduce the latest improvement to the Football API that will make the work with bookmakers easier.

With release 3.5.0., we make possible several things on API-level:

  • From now on, clients can define for each application a separate link for the logo and the betslip URL. This applies to both desktop and mobile applications.
  • Clients can use the betslip to send to a bookmaker the market selections a user has made for particular events.
  • Clients can use new filters/match endpoints for rounds and stage IDs.

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