We are happy to introduce the latest release of Sportal365 CMS – version 3.6.0

This release builds on top of the previous one by introducing improvements on the Social feeds feature as well as preparing APIs for our new “Automatic tagging and linking” feature.

New Features

Football API

  • Expose API for events/markets/selections
  • This allows the links inside the odds widget to be connected to the event itself on the bookmaker’s website.

Social feed

  • Allow following of Facebook profiles
  • Journalists can now follow Facebook profiles. Works only with public data.

Content API / CMS

  • Field for generic data
  • This allows clients to insert custom data format inside the API the platform.

Auto tagging and linking content

  • The first APIs of the upcoming feature are available.
  • When released, this feature would allow the CMS to automatically link and tag players, teams, coaches, etc. Manual journalistic override will of course be available.


Social feed

  • Improved support for Instagram profiles.
  • Some Instagram limitations regarding the number of requests to their servers were resolved.

Social feed

  • UX improvements for Social feed browsing


  • Introducing new setting for links


  • Configurable URL for data submission
  • Clients can specify a URL where the betslip data will be sent.

Content API

  • Eager loading of creator info
  • Performance improvement for every content API endpoint that exposes the information of the user who created the piece of content.


  • Improved results for searching content
  • Searching for content now, e.g. articles, now returns much more accurate results.


  • Display time in specified timezone
  • Each project can be configured so that it displays timestamps in particular timezone, not GMT as it is by default.


  • UI improvements
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