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Supercharge Conversion Rates, Brand Awareness, and Customer Engagement Across Sports Affiliates, Bookmakers, and Clubs.

Ready-to-Launch Sports News Website

Our white-label is tailored to the world of sports, enabling you to launch a websites dedicated to your favourite sports. Get started today and take your sports content to the next level.”

multilingual support

Sportal365's multilingual feature allows content creation, management, and display in multiple languages, enhancing global accessibility and user engagement.

fully customizable

The white-label solution is fully customizable and allows you to rebrand your website to meet your specific branding while maintaining a unified customer experience.

sports Widgets

Enhance your website with over 30 widgets and real-time sports data from 40+ sports, creating dynamic content that keeps your audience engaged.

odds integraiton

Incorporate live odds data from over 50 bookmakers, delivering real-time odds information to enrich your users' experience, and empower them to make informed betting decisions.

How does it work?

Effortless Onboarding: Launching your White Label solution in just a week.


Demo session organized to familiarize you with the CMS and the White Label project

Website Requirements

Share the required information and specifications for your website, such as logo, colours, fonts etc.


Once we are aligned with your requirements, we continue with a commercial agreement.

Theme Customisation

Our team will ensure the website is tailored to reflect your brand's identity.

CMS Onboarding

Live meetings and comprehensive documentation will be provided to facilitate a smooth onboarding.

Staff Training

We will train your editorial team to make the most of the CMS’s capabilities.

Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions

Top-Tier White Label Sports News Website

Powered by the worlds first sports specific CMS Sportal365

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Embrace our White Label Platform for Profitable Partnerships or Converstion Rate Increase

Whether you’re a media company seeking new revenue streams through bookmaker advertising or a bookmaker looking to turbocharge user conversions, our White Label Platform is your key to success

Frequently Asked Questions

The white-label news website solution lets your company benefit from our technology without the downsides. You can use our website platform and design as if they were yours, and we’ll provide full support to help you adapt it to your business model and industry-specific needs.

The templates provided with the white label news website can be customized and supplemented with additional features and tools to fulfill your business requirements.

If the bookmaker you wish to access odds from and advertise is currently not within our supported list, we have the capability to incorporate it within a timeframe of three weeks following the granting of access to their odds feed.

Our CMS is driven by sports data from esteemed industry leaders such as Enetpulse and Sportradar. Presently, we offer support from three data providers, allowing you the flexibility to select the one that best aligns with your specific requirements. The extent of data coverage is contingent on the terms of your agreement with your chosen provider.

Initiating a DEMO is the initial step toward identifying the potential of our CMS and the white-label solution. In this interactive session, we will unveil the full spectrum of CMS features designed to enhance the performance of your brand new white label sports news website. 

To maximize the benefits of our white-label website, it’s essential to note that it is exclusively compatible with the Sportal365 CMS. This CMS is particularly tailored to cater to the unique demands of sports media brands, bookmakers, and sports clubs. It is equipped with features that elevate content creation to unprecedented levels, surpassing the capabilities of a conventional CMS solution.

Our pricing structure is straightforward. It comprises a monthly flat fee covering both the CMS and the White Label solution. This fee encompasses all newly introduced features each month, along with round-the-clock dedicated support. In addition, there exists an additional cost for acquiring odds and sports data, which requires negotiation with our third party providers. 

Distinguishing ourselves from other market players, we offer a unique advantage: there is no minimum contract duration. You have the flexibility to acquire our solution, and should you ever find our services unsatisfactory, you can terminate the contract at any moment during your subscription with us. 

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